Senior Behavioral Health Unit

Helping older adults cope with a changing lifestyle…

The Greenville Regional Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Unit is a ten-bed, Medicare-certified service designed to address issues specifically related to individuals 55 years and older.

When someone is suffering from behavioral health problems, it is important for those who are around that person to know how to identify possible behaviors that might necessitate further evaluation.

If you know someone who is experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact the Greenville Regional Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Unit for an evaluation at 618.664.2240.

Warning Signs of Possible Behavioral Health Problems

• Depressed mood
• Diminished interest in activities
• Feelings of worthlessness
• Recurrent thoughts of death
• Marked personality changes
• Numerous, unexplained physical ailments or changes in eating and sleeping patterns
• Confused thinking, inability to concentrate and/or memory loss
• Excessive fears, anxieties, or suspiciousness
• Withdrawal from family, friends, and others
• Abuse of alcohol or medications
• Growing inability to cope with daily living, resulting in unsafe behaviors
• Hallucinations
• Delusions

Our goal is to improve and maintain each patient’s self-respect and dignity. We place equal emphasis on the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Our unit offers high-quality care in a pleasant, secure setting.

Family Involvement
We place great value on family as part of the treatment process. Family participation in community support groups is also encouraged.

Program Content
In group and individual sessions, our program focuses on the stressful issues associated with aging such as grief, loneliness, coping with illness or physical disability, changing roles and status, death and dying, conflicts with adult children, and aggression due to multiple medications.

Hope & Direction
The Greenville Regional Hospital Senior Behavioral Health Unit is designed to diagnose and treat the complex problems of older adults.   Medical and clinical professionals provide a team approach to develop an individual program for each patient. Once a problem is diagnosed, the team charts out a recovery process to help the patient and family.

Our healthcare team will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s
physical and mental condition to form the basis for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Referral and Follow Up
Our staff offers resources and referral if we determine our program is not appropriate for you or your loved one.

• Comprehensive medical & psychological evaluation

• Individualized treatment plan

• Individual, group, & family therapy

• Family participation, including education & therapy

• Coping and life skills

• Activity therapy

• Therapeutic exercise/stress reduction

• Medication management & education

• Individualized continuing care plan for patients & their families