Family Birth Center

From the moment you find out your life will change forever, until the day it actually does, we’re there for you every step of the way…

You and your baby are the focus of everything we do in the Family Birth Center!

All of our highly trained staff have received advanced certifications, including neonatal resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support. Most deliveries are routine from a medical standpoint, but our staff is prepared to handle the unexpected.


  • Parents stay in the same comfortable suite for labor, delivery, and recovery
  • In the rare event that mother or infant needs to be transferred, ARCH Helicopter Services are minutes away and offer pediatric specialists to treat infants en-route to a hospital that handles more complex medical conditions.
  • Parents are invited to put their newborn’s footprints, their name, and their birth date on our Footprint Wall
  • Mom & Dad are treated to a special celebration dinner following baby’s birth

We are proud to be the only hospital in our region to offer the services of two Certified Nurse Midwives as well as the option of water birth!


Water birth is a unique, natural option for mother and baby.

This is the biggest event of your life…We aim to make this the best experience of your life!


For more information on our OB-GYN Services, click here, or contact the Greenville Family Wellness Center at 618.664.9830.