Leadership Team Members listed alphabetically.

All telephone extensions correspond with our main contact number: 618.664.1230

Kris Albers

Fair Oaks Administrator

Email: kalbers@grhinc.org

Phone: x3700

Ted Albers

Materials Management Director

Email: talbers@grhinc.org

Phone: x3201

Matt Buck

IT Director

Email: mbuck@grhinc.org

Phone: x3133

Judy Collier

Emergency Services Director

Email: jcollier@grhinc.org

Phone: x3599

Bill Cross

Surgical Services & Infusion Services Director

Email: wcross@grhinc.org

Phone: x3581

Alyssa Eller

Family Birth Center Director

Email: aeller@grhinc.org

Phone: x3451

Marian Embry

Emerald Pointe Coordinator

Email: membry@grhinc.org

Phone: x3035

Mark Ennen

Accounting Director

Email: mennen@grhinc.org

Phone: x3058

Paul File

Imaging Director

Email: pfile@grhinc.org

Phone: x3364

Lisa Frey

Patient Financial Services Director

Email: lfrey@grhinc.org

Phone: x3050

Alan Gaffner

Legislative Affairs/Volunteer Services Director

Email: agaffner@grhinc.org

Phone: x3222

Michelle Guenther

Inpatient Care, Behavioral Health & Social Services Director

Email: mguenther@grhinc.org

Phone: x3733

Mary Kaiser

Food Services Director

Email: mkaiser@grhinc.org

Phone: x3670

Vicki Kloeckner

Human Resources Director

Email: vkloeckner@grhinc.org

Phone: x3210

Tammy Lett

Chief Nursing Officer

Email: tlett@grhinc.org

Phone: x3520

Ryan Mifflin

Marketing, Communication & Advancement Director

Email: rmifflin@grhinc.org

Phone: x3006

Brian Nall

President & Chief Executive Officer

Email: bnall@grhinc.org

Phone: x3001

Dale Richardson

Facilities Director

Email: drichardson@grhinc.org

Phone: x3750

Callie Shaver

Health Information Management Director

Email: cshaver@grhinc.org

Phone: x3175

Martin Shehan

Interim Director of Physician Services

Email: mshehan@grhinc.org

Phone: x3520

Charles Skorzewski

Laboratory Director

Email: cskorzewski@grhinc.org

Phone: x3302

Stacy Smith

Pharmacy Director

Email: ssmith@grhinc.org

Phone: x3250

Kerry Steinmann

Cardiopulmonary Director

Email: ksteinmann@grhinc.org

Phone: x3404

Misty Ulmer

Quality/Risk Management Director

Email: mulmer@grhinc.org

Phone: x3586