What to Expect

While you are a patient, we want your stay to be as pleasant as possible. Greenville Regional Hospital has more than 340 staff members working in specialized departments on your behalf.

  • Medical Staff:
  • Unless your admission is an emergency, your physician will discuss your hospitalization with you and what treatments or procedures to expect before you are admitted.

  • Nursing Personnel:
  • Working with your physician, the nursing staff is here to help you with your needs 24 hours a day. If you have a concern regarding hospital policies and procedures or questions about your hospital diet or medication, let them know. They are specially trained to help with your medical needs and personal health care concerns.

  • Health Care Students:
  • At times there will be nursing and x-ray students in the patient care area. Remember, these are our health care workers of the future. If you do not wish to be cared for by a student, please let someone from the nursing or imaging staff know.

  • Technical Support Staff:
  • Throughout your stay, you will meet members of our technical support staff. X-ray technologists may take radiological examinations which your physician will use to determine your medical treatment. Laboratory technicians may obtain blood samples and other specimens to be used for testing. Rehabilitation department staff may work with you to help you gain strength or become more mobile. Cardiopulmonary staff may perform EKG and cardiopulmonary function tests.

  • Volunteers:
  • We are privileged to have members of the Greenville Regional Hospital Auxiliary to serve you in various ways. They deliver your mail and assist visitors to your room. Auxiliary volunteers also staff the gift shop.

  • The Many Others:
  • Our pharmacists, dietary staff, maintenance crew, housekeeping staff members, laundry personnel and many others are also working for your good health.

All Staff Members, students, and volunteers wear a photo/identification badge. If the badge is not visible, please request to see it.

From admission to discharge, the hospital’s care management team is available to assist you and your family as you during your hospital stay. In fact, the care manager will begin planning your discharge shortly after your arrival at the hospital.

The care manager may discuss options with you and your family, in preparation for the time when you will leave the hospital. These options may include placement in a more appropriate facility when you no longer need the specialties of the hospital, or the possibility of receiving Home Health Care services.

Finally, the care manager, nursing staff, and physician can advise your family on ways they can assist your recovery when you leave the hospital. Remember, Greenville Regional Hospital remains a good source of information even after you go home.