After learning about a contribution from the local Marine Corps League to Greenville Regional Hospital for the purchase of emergency pediatric equipment, Greenville resident Jim Stever decided he, too, would like to contribute to the effort.

The gift from the Military Order of the Devil Dogs Untamed Dogs Pound 351, part of the Lincoln Land Leathernecks Detachment Marine Corps League 1174 of Greenville, was designated to offset the cost of purchasing one of three PEDS Emergency Bags.  “A PEDs bag is a tool useful in cases involving pediatric patients,” explained Greenville Regional Hospital Clinical Coordinator Marc Scholes.  “This bag organizes emergency equipment based on the size of the child being treated.  The bags utilize a color-coded measuring system and are divided appropriately to ensure that children are treated with the appropriate-sized equipment and accurate doses of medication.  Having the materials divided in this way results in faster care delivery to the patient.”

In addition to the three PEDS Emergency Bags, Greenville Regional Hospital plans to purchase six Adult Emergency Carts, for use throughout the hospital in emergency situations.  Scholes explained, “These emergency carts hold life saving drugs and equipment.  The ability to have all of these necessary items maintained in a wheeled cart expedites response time to the location of a patient emergency.”

After contacting the hospital and learning of equipment needs, Stever expanded his initial contribution to cover the purchase of the two remaining PEDS Emergency Bags as well as two Adult Emergency Carts.

“We wish to thank Mr. Stever for his donation, which will allow us to purchase equipment that will enable our staff to respond effectively to emergency situations that may arise in the hospital,” said Greenville Regional Hospital Interim President & CEO Michael Zilm.  “We depend on support from the communities we serve to be able to purchase and maintain equipment that can truly make a difference in the lives of our patients.  Mr. Stever’s generosity, as well as the generosity of everyone who supports Greenville Regional Hospital, is most appreciated.”

Greenville resident Jim Stever (center) presents a check to Greenville Regional Hospital Clinical Coordinator Marc Scholes (left) and Interim Greenville Regional Hospital President & CEO Michael Zilm (right).

Stever’s contributions were made in memory of Delores J. “Dee” Stever and in honor of her children, Martha, Mike, and Mary; in memory of Melvin Eugene “Gene” Stever and in honor of his children Teresa, Angie, and Mitchell; in memory of Melvin “Dag” and Gladys Stever; and in honor of Jennifer L. (Stever) McGill and James R. “JR” Stever.

Greenville Regional Hospital plans to purchase four additional Adult Emergency Carts, each of which cost $1,500.  Individuals or groups interested in contributing towards the purchase of a PEDs bag may contact Ryan Mifflin, Greenville Regional Hospital Director of Marketing, Communication, and Advancement at rmifflin@grhinc.org or 618.664.1230, x3006.