Greenville Regional Hospital recently unveiled a surgery suite specifically designated for cesarean section operations.  New operating rooms were constructed during the hospital’s 2004 expansion project, freeing up a former surgery suite for use by the Family Birth Center.  The C-section room is located immediately adjacent to the hospital’s Family Birth Center and according to the department’s Director, Deb Devore, RN, “is always set up in case of emergencies.  Greenville Regional Hospital is always looking for every opportunity to enhance patient service and safety.”  Scheduled cesareans are also now performed in the Family Birth Center’s operating room.

“One of the tremendous benefits of having a dedicated Cesarean Room,” said OB Specialist and Chief of the Greenville Regional Hospital Medical Staff Dawn McDaid, M.D., “is that mother’s now get to recover from their surgery directly in the Family Birth Center.  Previously, mothers recovered in the surgery recovery area while their baby and their partner went back to the OB unit.  By recovering in the Family Birth Center, mothers are able to interact with their newborns sooner.  This quicker interaction between mother and baby results in enhanced bonding time, touching, and breastfeeding.”

In addition to McDaid, infants are delivered in the Family Birth Center by OB Specialist Christina Dothager, M.D. and Certified Nurse Midwives Deb Morris, CNM, and Liz Nolker, CNM, all of the Greenville Family Wellness Center.

Located at 150 Healthcare Drive, on the campus of Greenville Regional Hospital, the Greenville Family Wellness Center offers the full range of obstetrical and gynecological care.  Staff members from the practice deliver infants at the Greenville Regional Hospital Family Birth Center.

Patients can be seen by Greenville Family Wellness Center staff from the very beginning of their pregnancy.  “Our emphasis is on giving the patients the best experience possible, according to their wishes,” said Dr. McDaid.  Greenville Regional Hospital provides the option of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) deliveries and water birth deliveries.

With a focus on patient privacy and comfort, the Greenville Regional Hospital Family Birth Center offers private “LDRP” rooms to expecting families.  LDRP is an acronym for Labor, Delivery, Post-Partum, and Recovery.  Mothers can spend their entire labor, delivery, and post-partum period in the same private room that is furnished and decorated to reflect a home-like setting.  The rooms feature private bathrooms and showers with seats.  “Another unique feature of our Family Birth Center,” said Devore, “is that we offer telemonitors, which allow expecting mothers to get out of bed and walk around the Family Birth Center wing, while nurses can still monitor them.  Activity and movement just before delivery is scientifically proven to speed up the delivery process.”

Following the birth of their child, parents are treated to a complimentary celebration dinner, consisting of steak or chicken and sparkling grape juice, served in an ice bucket with champagne flutes, along with a pink or blue flower. Each infant’s footprints are placed in pink or blue ink on the Family Birth Center walls.

For information on the Greenville Family Wellness Center or to schedule an appointment, call 618-664-9830.

For more information about the Greenville Family Birth Center or the Prepared Childbirth Classes, contact Greenville Regional Hospital at 618.664.1230, x3450.